The Christmas Dare

Every Christmas we have fun and enjoy a lot but what about our friends? Do you dare to share the true meaning, joy and purpose of Christmas with our friends?

Step 1: Pray

Pray for courage to approach and share the Good News of Christmas with your friends.

Make a list of friends and start praying for them. Pray that God may touch their lives and they may experience the true meaning of Christmas. You may share the list with us and we will support you in prayers.

How does it work?

We have prepared a three step guide to sharing the joy, hope and meaning of Christmas with your friends and family. Go through these steps, pray, prepare and pour out the love you've experienced. We will join you in this endeavour by praying for you regularly, feel free to share thoughts and ideas as well.

Step 3: Pour Out

Invite friends to a zoom call or meet with one or two  over chai or coffee (please ensure social distancing norms) and share why you celebrate Christmas. You can come up with your own ideas as well. Be creative.

Step 2: Prepare

Why do you celebrate Christmas and what it means to you? Answering this can help you express what is so special about Christmas. Write down your thoughts, let them be simple, personal and to the point. Prepare to share it with your friends, you can also share carols, stories, videos and trivia. We have shared some resources below to help you in this.

Sign Up for the dare?

Signing up shows your willingness to trust God and depend upon His goodness to empower and equip you. You can choose to ignore and miss out - the choice is yours.

Signing up will help us pray for you and your friends, you can also contact us to share difficulties or ideas.

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Past Experiences

"Feel so blessed and also can feel the burden of being Jesus's disciples ... It feels so good and great being apart of this.. Fulfilling what He has called us to do . And more than everything else, it made me learn to depend on The Holy Spirit for ideas, direction and completion of an event."


"It was really really enriching because I could also reflect on what Christmas really means to me. It helped me understand more about the LOVE of God. My friends also had good responses which was encouraging."


"It gave me a chance to ponder deeply on what Christmas is really about and how the message of Christmas can be shared in simple language.  It has taught me that it is not my work but His work therefore he will equip me with everything that is needed to make things work best and He will get thing done at the right time."