About Us

We are a team of Christ loving, life enjoying, coffee drinking game-changers. Lol, that's a big word! We believe in God's word and it's ability to pierce and transform the depths of our ice-cold beings.


Our world needs a sprinkling of love and creativity, we want to spread this flame of light by inspiring you: the game-changers.  Oh, and we would love to have you in our team as well...

All Things Bible Internship

We are looking for individuals who value their relationship with God  and are interested to share their creativity with the world. We are looking specifically for Christian writers, artists and short film-makers. Newbies are welcome.


If creativity isn't your thing then help us in doing publicity, editing, arranging and other background but vital tasks. Join us as an intern to grow in work skills as well as character. 

Leave us a message below if you are interested