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Beat the lockdown blues by joining some awesome events, watch some faithful preachers like Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, John Lennox and etc.

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Stressed but not crushed...

Stress is a reality we all face, therefore we invite you to explore the topic of stress and share your experiences, thoughts and ideas on how to overcome stress. We start this series by two articles but we look forward to read more from you all. Contact us to submit your write-ups.

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Engaging discussions on all things Bible. It is our attempt to explore the beauty of God's word and his amazing works. Listen to our interviews, bible studies and more.

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 Busting Stress and Loving Life 

We are looking for articles of 500-700 words. Last Date: 20th Sept 2020.

Short Ans to Big Qs

Explore the RZIM playlist where they give answers to the Big questions we face.

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Passion  Conf. 2020

Watch speakers like John Piper and Ravi Zacharias challenge the youth to higher way of living.

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